Artist‘s Statement

Marie-Andrée La Salle was born in Montréal, leaves and works in Québec city.

“Sometimes, when I look at people, there is something that catches my eye but more deeply it catches my soul. I’ve got to draw very swiftly what I see and then somebody appears. I put a little cloth on the body and the story begins…’’

People is in the core of Marie-Andrée La Salle’s life and work. But, it goes farther than blood relatives. Everyone near her could be inspiration. Using few colors, she paints her subjects with transparence mixing bodies and cloths. The characters appear like if they were coming more from a dream than reality. Poetry and melancholia complete the colors of her work. Recently, she began to experience the use of new colors like pastels and worked on a new collection of goddess. This is one of them. Beauty and self-confidence characterize her look.

Look at her, she,s beautiful.

Marie Andrée La Salle